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Cutting-edge Technology


Temperature Barrier

The basis is a completely new, cooling technology, that stores five times more energy than traditional methods to keep the container at a steady temperature. Consequently, FoodGuardians containers and boxes are dry ice free, plug free and are automatically recharged in a cooling chamber, reefer container or reefer truck without any manual interference.



More than 50 man-years of research and development were poured into creating an unprecedented, highly efficient insulation solution. This cutting-edge technology reflects the maximum of radiation while minimizing heat conduction. It is the most patent-protected insulation technology on the market.


Software & Monitoring

Our Software is based on Blockchain technology. With our infrastructure of IoT sensors and gateways, our smart containers offer a security and compliance unparalleled in the industry. No container is cleared for usage unless our Software indicates its perfect condition.


Each FoodGuardians container can be tracked around the world on

  • Logistics milestones

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Specifications

  • History

  • Documentation

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