“The FoodGuardians solution redefines the freshness level and assures you permanent quality control.”

Business to business

FoodGuardians’ highly effective cold chain containers are designed for quality mass market food supply chains delivering large quantities from farm to fork or from the fish farm across the world, increasing taste and shelf life in comparison to today’s solutions while reducing cost and CO2.

Business to consumer

FoodGuardians addresses the market needs of a new generation of consumers, demanding fresher products, local varieties and exotic tastes through new delivery forms: seamless online ordering, fast delivery or conveniently placed orders in front of the door by their local service providers, ready for instantaneous consumption. FoodGuardians will provide the container infrastructure to serve this clientele in a cost efficient and sustainable way.

Our advantages

  • Cost efficiency vs. existing solutions

  • Secured food safety through track & trace on Blockchain

  • Easy handling and recharging

  • Longer runtime and performance than existing solutions leads to higher freshness levels

  • High durability with longer container life cycle

  • Sustainable and recyclable, reducing CO2 footprint

  • Opening up new revenue streams by disrupting today’s delivery cold chain possibilities

Fresher, qualitative food. Glocally.
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