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The FoodGuardians Story

Everything started with an idea for a new type of high-end insulation technology, which would be best in class in terms of insulation properties, would have a high baring strength and would be 100% recyclable. That was more than 7 years ago.


FoodGuardians founders chose to put their passion and energy into their first application for the highly demanding pharma industry. Several years ago SkyCell was created, generating an in depth know how around cool chain logistics processes and ways of working.

With the growing success and recognition in the pharma logistics industry and all the relevant knowledge in the back of their minds, FoodGuardians is the next endeavour on the agenda of the founding team. They see potential to disrupt today’s food cold chain processes, allowing fresher products and more convenient processes at lower costs.


Our vision is increasing the quality of food products by reducing the lead time in the supply chain and maintaining a constant temperature in durable, easy to use containers. The board of directors is building the right team to move forward in this endevour.

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